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This first book released in 2009 by Charlotte Graham features stories honoring people and places in the Upper Crystal River Valley, Colorado-from Crystal City, Marble, Redstone, down through Filoha Meadows-Penny Hot Springs and Swiss Village to BRB/Crystal River Campground (now a KOA). Being a self-published author, she decided to update the original Volume One at the same time as  Volume Two was released in 2015.  It now includes more chapters and more photos in 50 more pages. 

I have lived in this valley 30-some years and I KNOW this Valley, and there were things in this book I didn't know! I liked that the pictures and stories were from personal collections and not the same as everyone usually reads or sees. It's not a 'beginning to end' book. I can pick it up anywhere and read a different story.

                                             ~ Mike Munz, Valley local  

MEMOIRS OF A RIVER ... UP THE CRYSTAL, Volume Two - "Carbondale, It's ALL about You!" came about six years later as Charlotte continued her research and found too many coincidences to ignore about the connections of Crystal River and Roaring Fork Valley's intertwined history. Whereas previous Carbondale history books feature specifically its early ranchers, this book provides the 'how and when' beginnings of the town's growth, including the movers and shakers that have left their indelible marks Carbondale celebrates to this day. 

"It's because of people like Charlotte and me that there is a Carbondale history. And we're not even from here! We just have that spark that works for history!" 


                             ~ Anita Witt, local author, entertainer                                               and Missouri Heights resident


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